AMERYKHAN singel ute 4 nov + debutalbum i feb 2018!


AMERYKHAN, nysignad på Woah Dad! släpper debutalbum i februari.

Första singeln Nasha släpps den 4 november på digitala plattformar.

Lyssna: NASHA


Amerykhan is a soulman wearing a magician’s robe. He’s a poet with a third eye, a hiphoper talking hindi, a jazzcat with a sequencer.

The selftitled album is a collection of songs by amerykhan and producer György Barocsai (bob hund, Mattias Alkberg, The Sounds) and in the studio the mojo was aided by GOAT, Manx and other bearers of hope, thus bringing together a life of music, spirits and tradition onto one album.

amerykhan’s debut is a cab ride through Lahore where the driver’s playing soul mixtapes, the view feels alot like downtown NYC and the destination is Gothenburg, Sweden.

And you are invited to join the ride.

Skrivet av Skiva | 30 oktober, 2017

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