ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF nytt album 13 november

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF är äntligen tillbaka med nya singeln COME WANDER WITH ME/DELIVERANCE!

Albumet THE MIRACULOUS släpps 13 november (Pomperipossa/Bengans/Phonofile)

Lyssna här:

Saxat ur bion om singeln:
“Come Wander With Me / Deliverance” – had been developed during live performances, and of the latter’s evolution in particular she says,

“every time we played it, it grew bigger and bigger. The lyrics and the feeling of the song seduced me into this mystical yet romantic landscape. It deals with the idealisation of a world that you yearn to know, and the fear and frustration that one might never be able to fully exploit that place due to physical and emotional limitations. It’s about longing and dreaming, while facing the reality of obligations and doubt.”



With a show at the Royal Festival Hall this Friday August 21st as part of Meltdown, Anna von Hausswolff today announces the follow up to 2012’s highly acclaimed organ-led “funeral pop” album ‘Ceremony’. Entitled ‘The Miraculous’, her new record is set for release on Friday 13th November, 2015 via City Slang.

To give a taste of the new album, Anna has shared a colossal new track; ready yourself for 10 minutes of doomscapes, ethereal darkness and monumental drama in the fearless ‘Come Wander With Me/Deliverance’.

Come Wander With Me/Deliverance on Soundcloud:

When Swedish singer/musician Anna von Hausswolff was young, her parents used to tell her stories about a place the family loved to visit. The location is steeped in a complicated history: a home, for example, to Sweden’s traditional folk music, it’s an area of outstanding natural beauty, but once provided the backdrop for a momentous uprising against the country’s king during which thousands of peasants were slaughtered, leaving its landscapes bathed in blood. It became, to her, a place of mystery, magic and terror, and, though she won’t say where it is, she still returns repeatedly, if sometimes only in her imagination. She calls the place Miraculous.

Much of the music on The Miraculous draws from these stories and images while making excessive use of the Acusticum Pipe Organ in Piteå, Northern Sweden, whose colossal sound – with nine thousand pipes, it’s one of the biggest of its kind in the country – swells heroically throughout the album. Inaugurated in 2012, and designed by Gerard Woehl, it lends the record a unique edge, enabling moments of true drama and supplying the brooding drones and dreamy soundscapes that provide the album’s foundations.

This magnificent instrument’s unusual features – built-in glockenspiel, vibraphone, celeste and percussion, as well as what von Hausswolff describes as “a screaming bird sound” produced by “pipes half covered in water” also further broadened the record’s aesthetic. In total, five days were spent recording the majority of the album’s substance live with it and her band, Ulrik Ording (drums), Joel Fabiansson (guitar), Karl Vento (guitar) and Filip Leyman (synthesiser), also the record’s producer). Afterwards, they decamped to Gothenburg for a further month’s work, before mixing it Filip’s studio.

Anna von Hausswolff has spent the majority of time since the release of her last album “CEREMONY” touring the world and playing special shows in very special settings such as the Lincoln Cathedral, in England’s East Midlands or the Town Hall during the Sydney Festival as well as headline tours, including China, and opening for bands such as Efterklang. She also recently lent vocals to the Royal Swedish Opera House’s ballet of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as their sole vocalist.

The Miraculous will be released on City Slang in Europe except Scandinavia, where it will be released through Anna’s own label, Pomperipossa Records. Other Music will release it in North America. Pre-order link for all territories:

**Anna plays The Royal Festival Hall at Southbank this Friday August 21st as part of David Byrne’s Meltdown.**

The Miraculous tracklist:

1. Discovery
2. The hope only of empty men
3. Pomperipossa
4. Come wander with me / Deliverance
5. En ensam vandrare
6. An Oath
7. Evocation
8. The Miraculous
9. Stranger

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