Diagrams- Diagrams EP (11 juli, Full Time Hobby)

Brittiska DIAGRAMS släpper sin fina, självbetitlade EP den 11 juli. Hör den i sin helhet på skivbolagets hemsida: http://www.fulltimehobby.co.uk

Crisp, minimalist pop has a new face, and it’s that of London’s DIAGRAMS, named for the defining sound of clean, sharp production and programming. From the brass and string-laden skip of Antelopes to the Tom Waits-meets-funk trombone in Hill and the sweetly acoustic Icebreakers, this is a new, playfully eclectic side to the singer- songwriting tradition, full to the brim of colourful and impressionistic lyrical imagery.

Skrivet av Skiva | 4 juli, 2011

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