ny singel/video THE BLAZE – Heaven

Franska kusinerna i The Blaze, Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, som välte internet med sina videos till tidigare singlarna VIRILE och TERRITORY, är nu tillbaka med ny singel och video!
Duon gjorde ett fantastiskt gig på Way Out West i somras och är bokade till några av Europas och USAs största festivaler för kommande sommar.

Titta/dela gärna den fantastiska videon, gjord av kusinerna, till HEAVEN:  https://youtu.be/YxVZbMgA3p0

Singeln sverigepremiärades  i gårdagens Musikguiden i P3!

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The Blaze are a French duo, consisting of cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, both music producers and film directors. Their story began with their inaugural track, Virile, released in 2016. The duo then went on to released their debut Territory EP in April 2017.

The Blaze have a very unique way of working, producing the music and visuals at the same time, in tandem as it were. They do everything themselves, to such a high standard that they’ve already won numerous awards: Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, the Best Directorsaward at Berlin Music Video Awards, to name but a few.

Following the releases of Virile and Territory, new single Heaven arrives as the final piece of the triplicate presented by The Blaze. Heaven will be released on Animal 63 on February 27.

1.     Virile
2.     Territory
3.     Heaven

Live, The Blaze are simply put, outstanding. Having played their biggest headline show to date at Pitchfork Paris last year, they will play their first ever US show at Coachella this April, Reading & Leeds in August, Primavera, Parklife, Garorock, Europavox, Mainsquare, Melt, Art Sonic, Lollapalooza Paris, Dockville, Lovebox.

Full Festival Dates

April 13th – COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL – Palm Springs (US)
April 20th – COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL – Palm Springs (US)
June 2nd – PRIMAVERA – Barcelona (ES)
June 10th – PARKLIFE – Manchester (UK)
June 28 – GAROROCK – Marmande (FR)
June 30th – EUROPAVOX – Clermont-Ferrand (FR)
July 4th – ROSKILDE FESTIVAL- Roskilde (DK)
July 7th – MAIN SQUARE FESTIVAL – Arras (FR)
July 13th – LOVEBOX FESTIVAL – London (UK)
July 14th – MELT – Berlin (DE)
July 20th – ART SONIC – Briouze (FR)
July 22nd – VIEILLES CHARRUES – Carhaix (FR)
August 19th – DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL – Hamburg (DE)
August 24th – LEEDS & READING – Reading (UK)
August 25th – LEEDS & READING – Leeds (UK)


The Blaze live at Pitchfork Paris 2017

An overwhelming sense of humanity surrounds all that The Blazecreate. Whether you see two friends sharing a special moment in Virile, that sweet feeling of home in Territory or are perhaps familiar with the work of French painter Manet and his piece Dejeuner sur l’herbe in Heaven, The Blazes’ work is completely open to interpretation, for everybody, equally. They have one wish, that you’re able to feel.

The debut album from The Blaze will be released this year.

The Blaze on socials
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlazeProduction
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBlaze_Prod
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theblazeprod/

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