The WOMBATS nytt album 13 april + Sverigegig 23 mars!

P3-listade THE WOMBATS besöker Sthlm STRAND den 23 mars + nytt album  GLITTERBUG ute 13 april!



The Wombats follow their Top5 album ‘This Modern Glitch’ with the release of their third full-length ‘Glitterbug’ on April 13th via 14thFloor Records / Warner Bros. Records.

Produced by Mark Crew (Bastille) and The Wombats – frontman Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy, bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen and drummer Dan Haggis – the album’s themes were inspired by core songwriter Murph’s experiences in Los Angeles. Drawn to the city’s mix of “opulence and anxiety”, his songwriting for the album focused upon the idea of writing about a tumultuous relationship with a fictional woman from Los Angeles.

“That became the main inspiration for most of the songs, this false world that I’d created for myself,” he explains. “As time progressed, I’d go to L.A. more and more, and the idea kept on building. The album’s about the envy and the struggle and the pretence and the worry and the fear that L.A. – and every major city in the world – encompasses.”

Approximately halfway through the writing process, events conspired to curve full-circle from fiction into fact when Murph started dating a seemingly unattainablewoman from the city. And so imaginary stories evolved into real life concerns: the fading embers of his relationship back in London and the challenges of maintaining a long distance relationship.

Instrumentally, most of the songs took one of two directions: back in Liverpool, bassist Tord and drummer Dan’s rush of creativity would result in them delivering backing tracks as a foundation for Murph to then build upon in L.A. or London; alternatively Murph would develop the essence of a song on guitar or piano for the band to collectively flesh out. Despite the initial geographic displacement of the trio, subsequent sessions at Mark Crew’s London studio demonstrated that The Wombats’ inter-band dynamics are as strong as ever before.

‘Greek Tragedy’ floats an East Asian-infused synth riff over booming, distorted drum beats, while another immediate stand-out, the uplifting ‘Give Me A Try’ (inspired by Murph’s blossoming new relationship) represents the band’s most positive lyric to date.

Other highlights include the elastic bass and pulsating disco rhythm that permeates throughout ‘Be Your Shadow’; the almost unrecognisably different ‘Emoticons’; and ‘This is Not A Party’ which addresses Murph’s swing from celebratory hedonism to a borderline existential crisis over the course of some “fairly sizeable” nights out in the summer of 2013.

‘Glitterbug’ also features ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’, which was originally released as a free download for the band’s devoted fanbase. Premiered by Zane Lowe at Radio 1 and later included in his 100 Hottest Records of the Year, the track demonstrated their continuing popularitywith over 2 million plays split between YouTube and SoundCloud.

‘This Modern Glitch’ saw The Wombats build on the initial success of their debut album as it became their highest charting album as it debuted at #3 in the UK. It also became their biggest international album to date – most notably in Australia where it peaked at #2 as it reached Platinum status.

In addition, ‘This Modern Glitch’ also launched some of their most popular singles so far such as ‘Techno Fan’, ‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’, ‘Jump Into The Fog’ (a Top 10 hit on Billboard’s Alternative Songs charts) and ‘Anti-D’. They subsequently headlined Lovebox and Wakestock, and were also a highlight of numerous other festivals including Glastonbury, V, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Rockness, as well as a packed tent at Coachella and an arena tour of Australia.

The Wombats recently announced the following UK & European dates:


13th – Paris, Cigale
15th – Antwerp, Trix,
16th – Amsterdam, Melkweg Max
18th – Frankfurt, Batschkapp
19th – Bremen, Aladin
21st – Odense, Posten
22nd – Oslo, Rockefeller
23rd – Stockholm, Debaser Strand
25th – Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
26th – Berlin, Astra
27th – Munich, Tonhalle
29th – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
30th – Cologne, Ewerk
31st – Zurich, Xtra

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