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Division of Laura Lee

In the darkest woods, a black cabin stood.

You knew. Being in a rock n..roll band is really cool, y..all should have seen us play. The guitars, the drums. Like a hurricane, like shakin a bottle of soda. I used to wish it would never end. They..d better drag me out of it, chain me to the desk. Since I left school I wanted nothing else.

Division Of Laura Lee has been around for a while. put out a few records and cd..s, done a whole bunch of tours, been on tv. Man, we even got our faces printed on a skateboard. We all met when we were young, at shows and rehearsals, in a small town in Sweden. The tunes we created came together in a wierd way. They still do.

So what are we? Not a clue? Many hands have touched the surface, few have found a way in. While the lakes are getting colder and the nights are getting longer, our new album will be out this fall. I guess back.

I know someday things will get better.

Hör av er till för pressbilder och albumbiografier.

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