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You’ve spent a sun-drenched day relaxing on the beach and you’re looking out at the ocean – see that very strong bright light on the water? That’s what new band Pacific! are all about, and it’s a warm sunny emotional feeling that imbues all of their music. “We have been very inspired by that light and we wanted to capture it in our songs,” explains Daniel.

It is no wonder they are already beloved to so many – it’s both music you can dance to and music you can really listen to.

Each tune is a brilliant shimmering slice of pop and melodic funk that references influences as wide as French turn-of-thecentury Renaissance composer Claude Debussy as well as Air, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Justice and the Beach Boys.

We were definitely influenced by the whole French contingent; we love that music and vibe. We were also listening to a lot of traditional American West Coast music, so Brian Wilson and all that West Coast psychedelia was important.” Listen out for the “woooo-hooos” in the background to ‘Sunset Blvd’ and you will know exactly where they are coming from. “We are also inspired by the South Pacific and Asia – Japan especially. So we felt the name Pacific was a name we could swim about in, ha ha ha!”

– Liz McGrath, Electronic Beats

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